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The permanent internet

IPFS might be a viable alternative to HTTP

22 October, 2017
The mind on mushrooms

Conference showcases findings of the psychedelic research renaissance

28 September, 2017
Are science and technology different?

A student’s view of the Liberal government’s funding of science research in the 2017 budget

3 April, 2017
Hyperloop-ing across Canada

TransPod could mean a 30 minute commute from Toronto to Montréal

5 March, 2017
Your pencil is now a superconductor

Graphene has been shown to conduct electrical flow without resistance

12 February, 2017
2017 in tech

A student’s prediction of the tech issues that will dominate 2017 headlines

4 December, 2016
US election forecasts: what went wrong?

Forecasters and statisticians mistakenly called for a decisive Clinton victory

27 November, 2016
Why bad science persists

Understanding how misleading scientific studies continue to be published

16 October, 2016
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5 October, 2017