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Op-ed: To new student leaders — and those who hope to become ones

A retirement message from the President of the Arts and Science Students’ Union

31 March, 2019
One year later: reflections on the Québec mosque shooting

Islamophobia in Canada remains alive and well — we must come together to address it

5 February, 2018
For William

A student reflects on the suicide of his best friend and the importance of mental health conversations for men

27 November, 2017
The UTSU should listen, know when to stand its ground

Resolving recent board meeting disputes requires communication and principled decision making

14 May, 2017
Still seething from the Snapchat scandal?

Let’s criticize SMCSU’s actions — then find productive and compassionate ways to move forward

8 January, 2017
An accountability balancing act

The Black Liberation Collective’s demand that the UTSU drop their lawsuit against Sandy Hudson is unreasonable

30 October, 2016

Haseeb Hassaan