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“We unearth the unheard histories of Black Canadians”: CDN335 returns to U of T

Professors and students reflect on the significance of Black Canadian Studies

12 January, 2020
The Varsity will always be there for the story of student power

A letter from the Comment Editor

31 March, 2019
Two “cis, straight Indian dudes” talk 2062

Hari Kondabolu and Max FineDay joke, dread, hope for the future of work

26 January, 2019
Introducing comment reports

This year, contributors are encouraged to make the best of both news reporting and opinion writing through the new subsection […]

21 October, 2018
TIFF 2018: Manto

The biographical film, set in Partition-era India, is a timely exploration of free speech, belonging, and truth, relevant to a global audience

17 September, 2018
Comment Up Close, Episode 6

Columnist Roundtable

11 April, 2018
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