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What the Soar Youth Indigenous program adds to KPE

Annual program gives Indigenous youth a U of T experience

17 March, 2019
What makes Michèle Bélanger tick

Blues women’s basketball coach reflects on 40 years

17 March, 2019
Colin Kaepernick really did beat the NFL

Despite alleged collusion against him, Kaepernick’s activism has set a new precedent for sports

24 February, 2019
LeBron James: leader or manager?

Does the NBA have an epidemic of poor leadership?

13 February, 2019
Tri-campus Gym Breakdown: Athletic Centre

How to stay active at the Athletic Centre

3 February, 2019
Rotman hosts MLSE Foundation Game Changers Speakers Event

The Varsity spoke with Raptors Assistant GM Dan Tolzman

24 November, 2018
WNBA pay disparity

Why WNBA players want a larger share of revenue

12 November, 2018
The importance of free agency

Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors exemplifies the purpose of free agency

1 October, 2018
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28 March, 2018