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The importance of free agency

Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors exemplifies the purpose of free agency

1 October, 2018
Baseball must live on

MLB attendance is down league-wide as the average game length continues to increase

17 September, 2018
Who’s really the GOAT: LeBron or Jordan?

Four writers debate which of the two is the NBA’s greatest of all time

29 June, 2018
The sweeper diaries

A Varsity Blues event staff member details his experiences cleaning the Goldring court

19 March, 2018
Drake and Raptors partner to promote basketball in Canada

A total of $3 million will be donated over the next three years

2 February, 2018
An inside look into the Varsity Blues’ Think Pink #BleedBlue campaign

Blues raise money for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

22 January, 2018
Why do we still divide sports by gender?

Female athletes are often subjected to a higher level of scrutiny

31 July, 2017
NBA All-Star Weekend not just about the money

With a move from Charlotte to New Orleans, the NBA took a stand against intolerance

5 March, 2017
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28 March, 2018