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Nour Alideeb re-elected Chairperson of CFS–Ontario

Alideeb served as UTMSU President last year

5 February, 2018
Turbah vandalized at Bahen

Act likely carried out by non-minority sect Muslim, says Muslim Students’ Association

5 February, 2018
UTSU receives large dildo in mail

The latest in mysterious student union sex toy sending spree

5 February, 2018
Muslim Turbah box damaged, vandalized at Bahen

Muslim Students’ Association in contact with university authorities

3 February, 2018
UTSU, UTMSU to renegotiate membership agreement

Unions have 60 days to reach agreement before process of terminating AMA is triggered

2 February, 2018
SCSU elections committee reverses decision to disqualify Deena Hassan

Hassan will contend for the SCSU’s presidency, contingent upon attendance at an all-candidates meeting and an apology

29 January, 2018
SCSU elections set to begin following week of unrest

After protests, multiple injuries, a resignation, and a delayed campaign period, Scarborough’s students’ union plans the road ahead

29 January, 2018
SCSU election campaign period delayed after protests at all-candidates meeting

February 6–8 voting period will not change, says ERC Chair

24 January, 2018
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