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Future is — Rana Dasgupta, Solo (Interview)

On tragic optimism and ethical creativity

26 March, 2012
Psychoanalyzing the city

Writer and Commonwealth Prize winner Rana Dasgupta explains his fascination with Delhi and reads the future of the world’s cities

18 March, 2012
Speak, memory — Madeleine Thien, Dogs at the Perimeter (Interview)

Madeleine Thien didn’t think she could write about the Khmer Rouge. Then she found a character to lead her through the killing fields. On the challenges of writing about one of the 20th century’s unknown genocides.

27 February, 2012
Colson Whitehead’s monsters — Zone One (Interview)

He found his latest novel in his nightmares; in the zombie apocalypse, the terror and beauty of the everyday

30 January, 2012
To the readers and the lovers, united — Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot (Interview)

On his novel of post-collegiate love and letters

9 January, 2012
Life of — Alan Hollinghurst, The Stranger’s Child (Interview)

On the uses and abuses of biography

17 December, 2011
Interview: Paul Murray, author of Skippy Dies

On the Celtic Tiger, growing up, and learning to not be too precious

16 August, 2011
The worlds of Thursday Next

A cheat sheet to the Nextian universe

22 April, 2011
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Psychoanalyzing the city
18 March, 2012