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The economics of healthcare consumption

Researchers find that household food insecurity costs the healthcare system most

18 May, 2015
Behavioural economics helps determine preference for different healthcare systems

U of T professor and visiting Fulbright scholar conduct interdisciplinary study

30 March, 2015
Engineers celebrate diversity

Engineering Positive Space brings students together for Pink Shirt Day

2 March, 2015
In conversation with James Hamblin

The Varsity speaks with The Atlantic’s health editor, James Hamblin, about digital media and reporting

2 March, 2015
The catalysts of love

Not sure what to get for your science-inclined partner this Valentine’s Day? The Varsity has you covered

9 February, 2015
STREETERS: What about women in engineering?

Students react to record-high female first year enrollment in engineering at U of T

9 February, 2015
An ecological concern

European fire ant disperses seeds of invasive plant species

12 January, 2015
Dr. Steve Mann’s insight on wearable technology

“When you put the technology on people — it changes the world”

4 January, 2015
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