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Anger becomes her

The only thing we have to fear is injustice

24 February, 2019
Overlooked: Peaky Blinders

Lose yourself in 1920s Birmingham with only the Shelbies as your guides

3 September, 2018
Comment Up Close, Episode 5

Tackling Trudeaumania

9 April, 2018
Challenging the power of Trudeau’s positive press

In conversation with students, The Varsity’s Associate Comment Editor sheds light on the Prime Minister’s many inconsistencies

4 March, 2018
Alone on February 14? Try ‘Valentine’s Slay’

The benefits of embracing singledom on the most romantic holiday of the year

11 February, 2018
Comment goes vocal

Two new audio series will increase depth and accessibility of the section’s content

27 January, 2018
Some comments on Comment

The Associate Comment Editors discuss the nature of the section

29 October, 2017
The real cost of academia

How divided time and resources impact working U of T students

1 July, 2017
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8 March, 2018
情人节还是一个人吗? 试一试“情人孑”吧!
15 February, 2018