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Get stuffed!

On January 19, 2007, the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, NY was stormed by a crowd of pillow-wielding, trash-talking Toronto […]

29 January, 2007
Literary leverage

Few of the authors featured at the Strong Words reading series have literary agents, and you won’t see giant cardboard […]

29 January, 2007
Girls gone raunchy

There’s something strange happening in our culture. I first noticed it a few years ago, when I saw an ad […]

28 November, 2006
The haunting of U of T

While it’s true enough that U of T has its share of creepy-looking quads, and hundred-year-old hallways that seem all-too-fit […]

31 October, 2006
This is Hardcore

I took a trip to the record store immediately after watching this encyclopaedic documentary look at the colourful history American […]

23 October, 2006
Rock This Way!

For some scenesters, the big story about last week’s North by Northeast music festival wasn’t the big names like Television […]

19 June, 2006
Rumble with a cause

Six young women sit on mats, stretching, surrounded by circus performers and stuntmen at a training space on Gerrard St. […]

28 March, 2006
Lens on the local

Last Wednesday evening, a large crowd of photography enthusiasts gathered at Hart House to see an unusual slideshow care of […]

6 February, 2006
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