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UTSU Board bans candidates from using non-U of T student firms in election campaigns

Decision stems from previous slate’s use of Splash Effect last year

12 February, 2018
UTSU begins campaign against laptop bans in lectures

Campaign headed by VP University Affairs Adrian Huntelar

12 February, 2018
A history of sport in France

Munk event highlights the country’s erratic relationship with sports

11 February, 2018
David Frum talks Trump at U of T

George W. Bush’s former speechwriter offers insight on political consequences of current White House

29 January, 2018
Workers’ rights groups protest Tim Hortons outside Sid Smith

Fight for $15 and Fairness denounces recent wage cuts made to some franchises

19 January, 2018
City proposes solutions for conflict between Greek life community, residence associations

Executive Council poised for decision on Greek house licensing

8 January, 2018
UTSU report outlines university’s commitment to accessible, gender-neutral washrooms

University says Vice-Provost Students had “brief conversation” with UTSU on matter

4 December, 2017
Nearly abandoned building at College and Huron in midst of demolition

Building to be replaced with 17-storey residential building

27 November, 2017
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