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Smaller is smarter

Remember reading in the paper about “smart homes”-houses that signal coffee makers to turn on when you wake up and […]

29 March, 2004
The agony of post-traumatic stress disorder

A student with a photographic memory was once writing an exam, and realized that time was running out. Panicking, she […]

15 March, 2004
Ask Dr. Science: What is it that causes the physical feeling of “heartache”

As real as it is to those of us who have had to put up with a broken heart, there […]

26 February, 2004
Taking the stigma out of mental illness

It is estimated that one in five Canadians will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in their […]

23 February, 2004
Lights off for addiction?

A former U of T researcher has discovered an “addiction switch” in the mammalian brain, suggesting that the effects of […]

9 February, 2004
Ask Dr. Science: What is the biological basis for perfect pitch?

For several decades, cognitive neuroscientists have been trying to locate the region in the brain responsible for perfect pitch, or […]

2 February, 2004
To Mars and beyond

On Friday more than 1,300 people filled Convocation Hall to attend “Expanding Canada’s Frontiers: To Mars and Beyond,” an evening […]

20 January, 2004
Astronaut to land at U of T

Thanks to a group of ambitious students, Convocation Hall will play host this Friday to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield for […]

12 January, 2004
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