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The Man behind the beavers and the trees

O ne would think that the man chosen to write the history of the greatest educational institution in the country […]

12 September, 2002
Celebrating 175 years

March 15, 1827—the charter for the establishment of the Church of England-run King’s College is drafted. Faculty must subscribe to […]

12 March, 2002
The deadly desire to be thin

A young emaciated girl sits down in front of her lunch—a lukewarm glass of water and a small package of […]

25 February, 2002
Dealing with it

If fear of judgement, the desire to be liked at the cost of our identity, and trying to be all […]

14 February, 2002
Art is a party

The first painting in Reading Pictures: A History of Love and Hate is of Vincent van Gogh’s “Shipping Boats on […]

7 February, 2002
Get your fix—track by track

No artist in history deserves a second collection of greatest hits like Madonna does. Madonna GHV2: Greatest Hits Volume 2 […]

4 February, 2002
Supermodel to the rescue

She’s the perfect woman—beautiful and smart, funny and compassionate. She’s blonde (or a redhead, depending on her mood), tall and […]

23 January, 2002
The flick you’ll never see

After the firestorm of controversy surrounding Catherine Breillat’s movie Fat Girl and its subsequent banning in Ontario, I couldn’t wait […]

23 January, 2002
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