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The differences between static and dynamic stretching

How to decide which stretching method works best for you

7 April, 2018
Killer abs can’t be achieved solely by performing crunches

It’s never too early to start on your summer body

18 March, 2018
Gutsy talk

November is Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Month

19 November, 2017
The mythical importance of sweating at the gym

Why sweat isn’t a determining factor for a productive workout

12 November, 2017
No pain, no gain

Understanding your pain tolerance and limits

28 October, 2017
There’s no way to prove eating before swimming may cause cramps

Why stitches and not eating are at fault for swimming troubles

11 September, 2017
Debunking the myth that stretching prevents injury

Scientists have questioned whether a correlation between stretching and injury prevention exists

31 July, 2017

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