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Ending my varsity career — on my own terms

I didn’t want an injury to be my final moment of varsity athletics, so I switched sports

17 November, 2019
My career-ending injury

How I — sort of — cope with being forced to quit the sport I love

24 March, 2019
Watching my team from the stands

The life of an injured athlete

2 December, 2018
Lessons I learned from my rookie season

How my first year on the Varsity Blues field hockey team shaped my varsity career

25 March, 2018
Rebecca Bourgeois: looking back at a five-year hockey career

Blues women’s hockey captain talks memories, advice, and moving on

12 March, 2018
An inside look at the Varsity Blues field hockey offseason

Blues defender details how she prepares for the upcoming season

5 March, 2018
Commuting across campuses as a Varsity Blues athlete

U of T athletics can be difficult for students situated outside UTSG — one UTM athlete details her experiences

28 January, 2018
Blues men’s hockey triumph in third straight home ice win

Ryan Kirkup nets game-winning goal

22 January, 2018

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