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For dance flies, size does matter

UTM study shines light on sexual differences in animal mating behaviour

14 October, 2018
U of T to open research centre in India as part of School of Cities Alliance

Centre seeks to provide research opportunities, real-life urban solutions in India

17 September, 2018
“In order to serve you better”: promises and pitfalls of the GDPR

How the European Union reshaped digital privacy law — and clogged your inbox

19 July, 2018
U of T’s School of Cities to launch July 1

Interdisciplinary research hub aims to solve problems facing growing urban centres

22 May, 2018
Trinity College Meeting revokes a third of Head of Arts’ annual honorarium

Julianne de Gara absent from meeting, citing threats to safety

20 March, 2018
International Women’s Day: Erin McLeod

Inspiring women with her tenacity and courage

4 March, 2018
Responsible reporting on sexual violence

Robyn Doolittle, Shannon Giannitsopoulou, and Lauren McKeon joined The Varsity to discuss responsible journalism for difficult subject matter

19 November, 2017
Alcohol-licensed events temporarily banned at Trinity College

Provost Moran cites concern for student safety

16 October, 2017
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