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Why TIFF matters

At their core, film festivals are a platform for small, independent film makers

9 September, 2018
Human Library project to be hosted at UTSC

Event features people that can be ‘checked out’ for one-on-one storytelling

25 March, 2018
14 tips for navigating a bad mental health day

Be kind to yourself — this, too, shall pass

11 March, 2018
Titus Andronicus set to open at Hart House in March

Director James Wallis discusses diversity in theatre and Shakespeare’s continuing relevance

25 February, 2018
U of T student sets debut novel on campus

Gabriel Verveniotis explains his definition of literary success

22 January, 2018
How will we judge creators accused of sexual misconduct?

Reflecting on the legacies of Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, and more

19 November, 2017

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