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Opinion from the Sports Ethicist: pay for play in the NCAA

How to incentivize college play for college athletes

27 January, 2019
A blunt look at cannabis and the NHL

Opinion from the Sports Ethicist

12 November, 2018
Advice from the Sports Ethicist: Is it okay for a pro athlete to quit in the middle of a game?

Former Bills cornerback Vontae Davis shockingly retired at halftime

23 September, 2018
What’s the bycatch?

Devices intended to save endangered sea lions may have unintended consequences

22 October, 2017
Skiing in the face of rising temperatures

How ski clubs and resorts operate with low natural snow availability

22 January, 2017
Reinventing the stethoscope 200 years later

Today’s tech might eliminate the need for the stethoscope

14 November, 2016
Red pill, blue pill — no pill?

A student’s perspective on antipsychiatry

30 October, 2016
For the love of sport

Does sex before sport affect your performance?

16 October, 2016
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