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Doing it for the ’gram

From vacation pics to body positivity — why are we still posting our lives on social media?

29 September, 2018
ASMR, explained

One man’s trash is another man’s whispered unboxing video

25 March, 2018
Our bodies, our stories

In light of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, a student calls for expanded narratives when discussing weight

5 February, 2018
I’m not ashamed to love The Room

The Disaster Artist’s source material has its own merits

29 January, 2018
What the suicide of K-pop’s Jonghyun reveals about the industry

A conversation about K-pop’s impossible standards and harsh conditions is long overdue

8 January, 2018
Shedoesthecity hosts panel on female leaders in Canadian film

The lifestyle website’s event discussed the progress women have made in the industry

20 November, 2017
Modern Love brings intimacy to an audience

Producer Amory Sivertson says the podcast explores “what it means to be a human being”

22 October, 2017
To the Bone zeroes in on the one per cent

The Netflix film’s portrayal of disordered eating is distorted

5 September, 2017

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