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Event calendar: February 22 to 28

Monday, February 22Jewish Girl Power: Documentary Film and Talk by Dr. Nora GoldNora Gold followed 14 Jewish girls from age […]

22 February, 2010
Event Calender: November 23 to 29

*Monday, November 23*Watertable Tour of Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak’s public art installation. * 5:30-6:30 p.m. Free! * Fort York […]

24 November, 2009
Focus on the Family

As has been widely documented, the nature of marriage in Canada has changed considerably in just a few decades. A […]

7 October, 2009
The projector-free guide to Nuit Blanche 2009

Not to knock the many talented video artists involved in the “free all-night contemporary art thing” that is Nuit Blanche, […]

29 September, 2009
When frat house becomes front of house

The room smelled inexplicably like gasoline and sweat socks, and I really had to pee.These were my distractions while watching […]

8 June, 2009
U.S. torture memos: Shame or gain?

As an American expat in Canada, I spent the four years of Bush’s second presidential term attempting to reassure myself […]

11 May, 2009
Giving Inner Peace a Chance

Last August, I spent a long weekend at an organic farm with a group of dreadlocked, free loving, neo-hippies who […]

9 April, 2009
Not such a great nation

Under most circumstances, the abduction of children from loving homes is considered a crime, and creates a public outcry. When […]

26 March, 2009
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