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The Investor Rebellion

The potential profits were getting bigger, and also getting further away. With no prospect of evicting the miners, the stock […]

15 April, 2002
U of T’s new provost has a mixed past

U of T is elated to announce what they describe as a “Brain Regained” with the hiring of a new […]

15 April, 2002
Problems with the Locals

Vancouver-based Sutton Resources had an inside track with the Tanzanian government. CEO James Sinclair was a friend of the president […]

15 April, 2002
The Kahama Memorandum

In the face of the court’s ruling, the evictions continue. The Kahama bulldozer is sent in on August 7 to […]

15 April, 2002
The Aftermath

You will not find small-scale miners at the Bulyanhulu gold mine today. But you will find a massive commercial mining […]

15 April, 2002
What was the Canadian Government’s Role?

“Based on my knowledge of the way this department works, we are not the CIA, we are not other governments, […]

15 April, 2002

Night was falling on Eastern Africa and Melania Baesi still had not heard from her sons. The two had left […]

15 April, 2002
Investigating the Investigations

Since August 1996, multiple groups aside from Tundu Lissu and Barrick Gold have investigated the evictions of the small-scale miners […]

15 April, 2002
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