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Profs scared to oppose law tuition hikes, students say

Talk about a rude awakening. Last December, law students at U of T woke up to the announcement on morning […]

11 February, 2002
Tuition gets hiked at U of T’s law school

Opponents of the proposed $22,000 tuition price tag at the University of Toronto law school may be afraid to voice […]

31 January, 2002
Conference addresses poverty law

A group of students is hoping to change the way poor people relate to the law, aiming to find more […]

31 January, 2002
Writer says university killed his story to please city hall

The university is battling charges of censorship after its alumni magazine killed an article by veteran journalist John Lorinc days […]

17 January, 2002
Court decides law school within rights over ‘first-year scandal’

Student representatives are worried a precedent set by the Ontario Superior Court extends the university’s jurisdiction too far when it […]

17 January, 2002
Exclusive: Dr. David Healy interview

Despite everything that has happened—having his job offer rescinded, having his reputation as a scientist attacked, and becoming embroiled in […]

26 November, 2001
Homelessness activists beat bogus charges

It was a pretty simple idea. Spend Friday nights sleeping outside with the homeless to raise awareness about the need […]

22 November, 2001
Students honour Holocaust victims

Arnold Friedman says that he is a member of a “vanishing species” as a Holocaust survivor.“Holocaust is not a Jewish […]

12 November, 2001

Larissa Ruderman