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DIY press conference attacks fees

Yesterday students and community members held a press conference outside Sidney Smith Hall in anticipation of tuition fee increases that […]

3 April, 2003
Governing Council silences critics

“What are they afraid to hear?”Professor Philip Berger is among those denied speaking rights for this Friday’s Governing Council (GC) […]

31 March, 2003
Diversity necessary, says famed author

As bombs dropped in Iraq last Friday as part of the U.S. “shock and awe” campaign, U of T vice-president […]

24 March, 2003
Learning to listen

Over the last couple of years, particularly this year, I have had the opportunity to be involved in the Governing […]

24 March, 2003
Tuition up for most programs

After three hours and 39 minutes of seemingly endless appeals not to raise tuition, members of the Business Board of […]

6 March, 2003
Law school study bends the rules

On Monday, at the meeting of U of T’s Business Board—on the basis of a meaningless study that purports to […]

6 March, 2003
Law & Disorder: students and faculty say tuition accessibility study is bunk

Students and faculty put the administration on the defensive at the meeting of the Governing Council’s committee on academic policy […]

3 March, 2003
Federal budget grants student loan access to refugees

Thousands of refugees were among the winners when Prime Minister Chretién’s “legacy” budget was delivered last week.Recognized refugees will finally […]

27 February, 2003
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Liz Ben-Ishai