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I’m taking my ball and going home

A shy, young, nervous man entered the offices of The Varsity in the spring of 2002 to get instructions for […]

6 April, 2006
Between hard rock and a soft(er) place

We’re all wedded to our own particular musical tastes-whether you sing showtunes in the shower or like to get crunk […]

16 March, 2006
Patrick’s perfect performance

Victory usually has one of two effects on a person. It either satiates and satisfies the individual or leaves one […]

16 March, 2006
Striders strike silver in Saskatoon

Teamwork is not an attribute associated with most track and field events, but don’t tell that to Carl Georgevski. And […]

16 March, 2006
To be the champ…

He is young, dynamic, and rich. He has won many international tournaments and is recognized as one of the best […]

3 March, 2006
Under pressure

The spotlight was on them and the pressure was mounting. “Put-up or shut-up time” had arrived and some handled the […]

3 March, 2006
This is not a repeat

It was like deja vu all over again. A high-ranked women’s team was facing an opponent that most considered to […]

28 February, 2006
What happened?

Reading Week was a time of promise for most students at U of T. Some went on well-deserved vacations to […]

28 February, 2006
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