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Study: Canola oil may be valuable for type 2 diabetics

Adding canola oil to a low-glycemic-load diet has potential benefits for type 2 diabetics

14 July, 2014
U of T plays host to first-ever Toronto Science Festival

Science Engagement and Dunlap Institute-organized event celebrates science

23 September, 2013
University of Toronto team wins human-powered helicopter prize

After two heartbreaking crashes and over a year of hard work, U of T’s alumni team AeroVelo, led by Dr. […]

29 July, 2013
U of T’s human-powered helicopter poised to make history

Team AeroVelo pushes the limits of engineering and design in their pursuit of coveted Sikorsky Prize

13 June, 2013
All you need is milk?

Study shows vitamin present in milk reduces occurrence of obesity in mice

22 June, 2012
Broken telephone

Are cell phones making people more selfish? A recent study published by marketing professors Anastasiya Pocheptsova and Rosellina Ferraro at […]

27 February, 2012

Matthew J Chow