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Cracking the illusion of Canadian progressiveness

Canada as a nation of liberal politics is an empty idea in the face of recent political turns toward conservatism

14 October, 2018
Conceptualizing inaccessibility on campus

In the context of the recent OHRC policy on accessible education, it is necessary to examine how ableism still persists in universities

23 September, 2018
Ford’s forcing of ‘free speech’ inhibits freedom

The PC government’s tying of postsecondary funding to free speech on campuses is an ironically coercive tactic that reflects antipathy toward critics of oppression

9 September, 2018
Letter to the Editor: Let’s not oversimplify addiction

Re: My addictive personality

30 October, 2017
Letter to the Editor: There is no frontier between politicizing and living

Re: “Last year was a pressure cooker — this one doesn’t have to be”

2 August, 2017
Accountability and community go hand in hand

The practice of calling out daily injustices should urge us to reconsider our personal relationships outside of the carceral system

17 June, 2017
The criminalization of the oppressed

A personal reflection on how restrictive definitions of violence work against the marginalized

23 March, 2017

Meera Ulysses