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Beauty and brutality

Hart House Theatre’s production of Bent is a rich portrayal of love during the Holocaust

3 March, 2013
Highs and lows of the U of T Drama Festival

Every year, a series of student-written, one-act plays compete for five coveted awards on the stage of Hart House Theatre. […]

25 February, 2013
Reel life on campus

Student producers announce plans for U of T reality television program

4 February, 2013
Where is here?

How Toronto is represented across the arts

3 February, 2013
Digital dialogue

How communicating with fans online has changed the creative process

27 January, 2013
The Universal Language?

Learning about the legacy of Esperanto

27 January, 2013
Attitude Adjustment

Where can students with mental health issues turn? Support is available, but old stereotypes lurk at every corner

13 January, 2013
U of T helping to ease health care personnel shortages

Programs to attract skilled immigrants put an unfair burden on countries that can least afford it

13 January, 2013
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