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The newsroom shouldn’t be an echo chamber

The Varsity needs to emphasize diversity in its opinion pages

3 March, 2019
What do Ford’s reforms mean for campus journalism?

The opt-out model of student fees threatens more than just The Varsity

3 February, 2019
Whose voices are heard at The Varsity?

An inquiry into which letters to the editor are published and the political viewpoints they represent

13 January, 2019
The case for transparency in the newsroom

Increased diversity and trustworthy reporting both require openness with readers

25 November, 2018
Reflecting on the coverage of Faith Goldy

Context is important when covering controversial candidates

29 October, 2018
An invitation to readers

Introducing Morag McGreevey as The Varsity’s new Public Editor

21 October, 2018

Morag McGreevey