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Flu vaccine under scrutiny

Rising number of flu cases raises concerns over vaccine’s effectiveness

13 January, 2018
Hurricane Harvey: a not-so-natural disaster?

Prof Danny Harvey on the hurricane’s connection to climate change

11 September, 2017
20 per cent of sausages tested in Canada are mislabelled, study finds

Products advertised as single-meat found to contain additional species

24 August, 2017
Higher vitamin D doses do not prevent colds in kids

Scientists dispel common health myth that more vitamin D is better

31 July, 2017
“Success has no time limit”

A science student reflects on the meaning of success during the summer months

14 July, 2017
Toronto’s forests fight back

Natural Resources Canada breeds wasps to save Toronto’s ash trees

3 April, 2017
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26 March, 2017
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19 March, 2017
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