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What’s the carbon footprint of a medical test?

How Canadian physicians can prepare for the impact of the climate crisis on health care

15 March, 2020
How prescription drug advertising can mislead consumers

Its regulation in Canada may lack teeth, according to U of T professor

8 March, 2020
New ammunition uncovered by U of T researchers to develop colorectal cancer treatment

Novel protein has applications for new therapies, regenerative medicine

1 March, 2020
How Toronto medical staff responded to the first confirmed coronavirus case in Canada

Illness was quickly identified, patient has since been discharged to home care

23 February, 2020
Six new capital construction projects in planning stages at UTSC

New residence, Scarborough Medical Academy, Indigenous House in the works

19 January, 2020
“We’ve been leaving patients behind this whole time”: caring for CPR providers

How experts in Peel Region have provided mental health support to lay-responders

27 October, 2019
How to survive a lab

Tips and tricks for scientific success

12 August, 2019
Wikipedia’s lack of representation

Addressing the systemic gender bias that pervades the free online encyclopedia

16 March, 2019

Oviya Muralidharan