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Treating brain inflammation starts from the gut

Immune cells from the gut found to suppress brain inflammation

20 January, 2019
How did flowering plants become wind-pollinated?

PhD candidate David Timerman led research that examines the basis for the transition

13 January, 2019
Do your siblings make you empathetic?

U of T study finds that empathy develops reciprocally in siblings

4 March, 2018
Self-fertilizing roundworms have smaller genomes

Caenorhabditis briggsae lack 7,000 of the genes found in mating roundworms

22 January, 2018
Researchers discover eight new epilepsy genes

Team is first to use whole-genome sequencing for epileptic encephalopathy gene discovery

27 November, 2017
Intermittent fasting may be more than a fad

Fasting is linked to fat loss and improved metabolism in mice

29 October, 2017
Does older mean wiser?

UTSC study finds that older kids in American classrooms undergo greater academic development

17 September, 2017
What a 9 billion-year-old galaxy taught us about magnetism

Magnetic field measured around most distant galaxy yet

11 September, 2017
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