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Universities should create citizens and leaders

As another year comes to an end, some students are consumed with internecine fights about fees and referenda, while others […]

1 April, 2013
‘One’ program to rule them all

Patrick Baud’s bi-weekly column

17 March, 2013
U of T’s best students need more challenging programs

Students entering the engineering science (EngSci) program at U of T are often in for a rude awakening. Even those […]

3 March, 2013
Canada needs a balanced foreign policy

In a speech to the Conservative caucus last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper outlined his government’s priorities for the coming […]

3 February, 2013
Paying billions for the F-35 ignores other defense needs

Patrick Baud’s bi-weekly column

13 January, 2013
It’s time to focus on fair elections

The UTSU’s annual general meeting, held two weeks ago, was brought to an abrupt end when the agenda for the […]

2 December, 2012
The UTSU needs transparent election reform

Election season at U of T can be a dispiriting time of year. As soon as the posters go up […]

18 November, 2012
Let the premiers into federal politics

Patrick Baud’s bi-weekly column

21 October, 2012
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