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In the cavity-search room, it’s every man for himself

I learned a hard lesson recently: my devotion to my buddies is not as Hardy Boy-rock solid as I immaturely […]

18 September, 2003
A little war analysis for the everyman

I was stuck for three hours in a rented car with a stranger I didn’t like, but I couldn’t do […]

8 April, 2003

It was the story of an eccentric computer genius with a laser wired into his eyeglasses meeting an oddball clothing […]

24 March, 2003
Porn spam: give them an inch…

You know, call me old fashioned. Call me an old fogey, or a “square” or label me a few light […]

11 March, 2003
U of T scientists devastated by research loss aboard spacecraft

In a fraction of a second, important biochemistry experiments—two of which were created by U of T scientists—went up in […]

4 February, 2003
Who are those fresh-faced young people?

He wears a T-shirt that reads: “Man Whore.” And he’s pimping for Canadian music.Jian Ghomeshi, of Moxy Früvous (the seminal […]

23 January, 2003
U of T student breaks bread with Pope

The meal was simple: spaghetti, coleslaw and asparagus. But across the table from Emanuel Pires sat someone extraordinary—Pope John Paul […]

31 July, 2002
A Glowing Report

Medical research is about to be revolutionized. Not by a new kind of computer or a new type of drug, […]

3 April, 2002
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