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Their story: dissecting the past, informing the future

How forensic anthropologist Tracy Rogers pursued her dreams

31 July, 2017
Their Story: The Dragon’s Dance

U of T alumnus Robert Herjavec’s story is one of resilience

8 January, 2017
New developments in the genetics of schizophrenia

U of T researchers discover schizophrenia risk genes

4 December, 2016
Their Story: Reflecting on a life of research excellence

James Till, the father of stem cell biology, was once a student too

27 November, 2016
Their Story: Getting the job can be as difficult as rocket science

Natalie Panek defied failure and persisted to become the rocket scientist she is today

23 October, 2016
Their Story: A couple of doctors

The relationship of Drs. Andrew and Cornelia Baines exemplifies successful academic and romantic partnership

2 October, 2016
New microchip expected to revolutionize lung transplants

U of T research on biomarkers may reduce lung-donor waitlist times dramatically

28 September, 2015

Ramana Trivedi