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Business Board releases reports on financial statements, university operations

Alternative funding, gender pay gap equity also discussed

14 July, 2019
Office of Indigenous Initiatives releases first progress report

Report tracks progress of reconciliation, university announces new initiatives

25 May, 2019
Toronto emergency services respond to death at Bahen Centre

Students evacuated, Campus Police declined to comment

17 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Lwanga Musisi

University Governance Commissioner

3 March, 2019
Toronto police investigating harassment of SCSU President-elect Chemi Lhamo

Lhamo targeted via social media for being proponent of Tibetan independence

28 February, 2019
Students upset by untimeliness of UTSG closure during winter storm, describe dangerous commutes

Upset students say that the decision to keep campus open endangers commuters

19 February, 2019
Graduate Students’ Union elects new Internal Commissioner, grants temporary unconditional media access

Approval of draft financial statements proves contentious, quorum for special meeting lowered

27 January, 2019
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