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Visualizing the activity of individual neurons across the entire brain

What looks like a time-lapse video of city lights at night turns out to be active neurons within the brain […]

31 March, 2013
Getting the neurons firing

The networks inside our minds

25 March, 2013
Some animals sniff to smell, others sniff to assert dominance

When dogs or other animals sniff each other, the obvious assumption is that they are trying to smell each other. […]

17 March, 2013
Life of Pi: Fact or fiction?

Last week, the film Life of Pi took home four Academy Awards including Best Director, and was nominated in seven […]

3 March, 2013
Genetically similar, and yet so different

Differences in alternative splicing across vertebrate species may account for speciation, U of T researchers say

6 January, 2013
Controversial paper on Monsanto GM corn raises credibility concerns

Agricultural biotech company Monsanto and their GM products have often been cause for controversy; but this time they may not […]

2 December, 2012
Got entrepreneurial spirit?

The Institute of Optical Sciences merges science and business

4 November, 2012
Biomedical symposium features local and international talent

IBBME celebrates 50 years of collaborative and translational research with a neuroscience symposium

21 October, 2012
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