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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE > Parrish: “The Liberals will perish in an election”

Carolyn Parrish is a unique voice in Canadian Parliament. As an Independent incumbent for the Erindale riding of Mississauga, this […]

15 May, 2006
In-your-face activist

Walied Khogali is only in his second year at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, and has already become one […]

16 March, 2006
UTMSU students to give library cash to campus pub

UTM students voted to cut funding to the library and redirect it to their campus pub in a referendum held […]

9 March, 2006
Carpooling may help UTM commute

With parking at Erindale becoming less affordable as the years pass, transit and carpooling are musts for many UTM students […]

8 December, 2005
Pricey pavement

“Parking has been an issue for years at this campus, but it’s not about space, it’s about management,” said Walied […]

24 November, 2005
Day of unrest

UTSC students are using an online forum to voice their dissent over a recent decision of the Academic Committee to […]

3 November, 2005
A tale of two plush heads

When a student bearing a Varsity business card with the title “Media Director” showed up to interview the UTM student […]

20 October, 2005
Islam’s ‘compassion and humanity’

A lecture by a U of T Mississauga professor entitled “Islamic Universalism and Multiconfessionalism,” held Oct. 6 at Erindale United […]

11 October, 2005
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