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UTSC welcomes Aisha Sasha John as new writer-in-residence

The poet and U of T alumna is teaching us how to live

4 February, 2018
Young MA to perform at UTSU’s Frost Week

Former UTSU Vice-President Campus Life explains how they booked the popular rapper

15 January, 2018
CORPUS dance company presents: House Guests

The intimate performance explores the home as a site for art

26 November, 2017
UMatter’s 1000 Words Campaign aims to spark conversation

A mental health campaign by students, for students

17 October, 2017
History resurfaces through Jaime Black’s REDress Project

The Women & Gender Studies Institute’s artist-in-residence on addressing violence and evoking presence

26 March, 2017
Canadian comedian Darrin Rose brings a refreshing variety show to Toronto

What to expect from Darrin Rose’s Fun Night Out

9 February, 2017
The iSchool’s Professor Mihalache on her new Food and Museums

Where food intersects with museums, history, and culture

29 January, 2017
Places in the city where being a student pays off

Put your TCard to good use at these locations

14 November, 2016
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