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AIDS in 2016: where do we stand?

Making HIV/AIDS history requires effective drugs and policies

8 August, 2016
Counting the dead to save the living

The Varsity speaks to U of T’s Dr. Prabhat Jha, whose Million Death Study has led to life-saving policies around the world

4 April, 2016
Is Canadian science back?

The federal government has promised to improve transparency and funding of Canadian research; if done right, it could be a pivotal moment for scientists

4 April, 2016
Medicine tailored just for you

The annual Massey Grand Rounds symposium addressed the possibility of utilizing big data for individual symptoms

21 March, 2016
In conversation with Michelle French

Winner of numerous teaching awards, the physiology professor is respected by students and peers alike

8 February, 2016
Fear gone viral

The 2015 outbreak in Brazil has prompted global fears that Zika could be the next Ebola

31 January, 2016
It’s getting hot in here

A look at the progress and pitfalls of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference

18 January, 2016
A dangerous blow

U of T conducts the first study on the incidence of all-cause injury in the NFL

10 January, 2016
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