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Reviewing the 2019 UTMSU elections

Students United’s pledge to resist Ford cuts is laudable, but a one-sided race is concerning

24 March, 2019
With Ford’s postsecondary changes, UTM loses too

Student Choice Initiative and domestic tuition cut threaten to undermine student life, exploit international students

3 March, 2019
UTMSU, The Medium: learn to co-exist

Student government and media must do better for campus democracy to function

26 January, 2019
Checking in with the Comment columnists

The section’s regular writers briefly reflect on the fall 2018 semester and what’s yet to come in the spring 2019 semester

9 January, 2019
The recent UTMSU salary raise is justified

While criticizing student unions is easy, we should acknowledge the work they do and get more involved ourselves

2 December, 2018
The Kevin Johnston effect

Examining the anti-Muslim candidate’s disturbing second-place finish in the Mississauga mayoral race

16 November, 2018
The blurry line of controversial speech

Ali Rizvi’s talk at the recent UTM Snider Lecture is a reminder that free speech, unless inciting violence or hate, must be upheld

14 October, 2018

Sharmeen Abedi