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Proposed smoking ban one step closer to full approval after passing at University Affairs Board

Ban described as “educative” over disciplinary, few details on enforcement

25 November, 2018
Ontario legislature passes controversial labour reform bill, repealing workers’ rights

Voting was delayed due to protests from Fight for $15 and Fairness

25 November, 2018
Why I root for the Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks almost won the Stanley Cup in 2011

19 November, 2018
Arts & Science exam schedule takes longer to complete due to large size, unclear central planning body

“Minimizing the number of students who have conflicts” seen as the main goal

19 November, 2018
The Breakdown: Student union transparency

A look into how unions remain accountable to their constituents

18 November, 2018
U of T to ban all forms of smoking on campus in 2019

Move follows pledge made in September 2017

12 November, 2018
Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victim Joyce Fienberg was U of T alum

Family had “deep roots in UC,” says Gertler

29 October, 2018
The Breakdown: Jennifer Keesmaat’s last-minute run for mayor

Keesmaat focuses on environmental sustainability, safety reform, infrastructure

22 October, 2018
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