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The March For Life counter-protest was an exercise in futility

Modern protests are not short on passion, but lack substance

1 June, 2019
Off campus and off the record

Evaluating the misguided overreactions to the Queen’s University costume party

4 December, 2016
Drowning out discourse

The flaws of the social justice warrior movement remind us of the importance of open and reasoned debate

13 November, 2016
An inconsistent truth

Arguments against BDS, and in favour of Israel, are riddled with contradictions

6 March, 2016
UTSC anti-vax course is “dangerous quackery”

U of T has responsibility to ensure academic credibility

26 August, 2015
Suresh Sriskandarajah and Sri Lanka’s history of violence

Domestic threat pales in comparison to Sri Lankan government’s conduct

7 October, 2013
Trinity Western seeks to block enrollment of gay law students

Religious institutions enjoy special privilege over individual rights

30 August, 2013
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