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Fair coverage of student politics

The Varsity can do better, and so can student politicians

1 April, 2018
Narrowing the gap between graduate students and The Varsity

Room for improvement in coverage of graduate students

11 March, 2018
Covering Jordan Peterson

When is he newsworthy?

6 February, 2018
Mistakes matter in journalism

But everyone makes them — including me

14 January, 2018
An end-of-semester report

Journalism’s ethical principles aren’t always black and white

4 December, 2017
Reporting on the forum on social inequality

News reports must include all relevant facts

7 October, 2017
Checking for bias

Why newspapers try to evade placement on the political spectrum

25 September, 2017
Back at it as Public Editor

Diversity in student journalism

31 July, 2017
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17 January, 2018