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Match made in cyberspace

When people complain about ’80s movies, my rebuttal always includes the genre’s prescience. In Howard Deutsch’s Pretty in Pink (1986), […]

4 February, 2003
Jeers and no Cheers for London

There’s a reason Madonna decided to move back to the States, and despite the many topics on which I disagree […]

24 September, 2002
The art of procrastination

The way in which students tend to approach assignments—with horror, futility and elaborate avoidance—smacks of the symptoms of certain psychological […]

3 April, 2002
The new but not-much-improved slacker

Almost all inhabitants of the occident are familiar with the term “slacker.” Invariably, the word has negative connotations. It generally […]

14 February, 2002
Black Hawk Down: post-war pornography

In November of last year, a highly publicized meeting took place in Los Angeles between White House officials and senior […]

31 January, 2002
A brush with gracious semi-celebrity

Travelling during the holidays is invariably hellish. On top of the suppurating crowds carting their expensive luggage, all modes of […]

17 January, 2002

Soraya Roberts