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A dyeing tradition: Engineering F!rosh practice linked to cancer

Ingestion of purple dye poses risk, warns Health Canada following years-long international investigation

8 September, 2019
Dunlap Institute celebrates 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing

SpaceTime event featured talks, games to commemorate first spaceflight to land humans on the Moon

11 August, 2019
U of T team wins McMaster designathon

Undergraduates design method to protect cameras on military aircraft

10 March, 2019
From sea to stars

Canada’s new space program will provide ample opportunities for ‘spaced out’ students

9 March, 2019
The spy in the cell phone

What is the NSO Group’s infamous Pegasus spyware, and how can activists protect themselves?

4 March, 2019
The U of T astrophysicist toolbox

The Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics is a global leader in astrophysical instrumentation

13 January, 2019
Looking back at the top science stories from 2018

From dinosaur teeth to quantum computing, U of T researchers made major strides in scientific research

13 January, 2019
Searching for alien worlds

U of T alum Sara Seager presents 2018 Tuzo Wilson Lecture on exoplanets

2 December, 2018
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