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A day — or millennium — in the life of a star

PhD candidate Alysa Obertas hosts Life and Death of Stars planetarium show

30 June, 2018
Reacting to the Ontario provincial election results

Four student perspectives reflect hopes and fears for the new Progressive Conservative majority government

16 June, 2018
Interstellar object ‘Oumuamua likely came from binary stars

U of T astronomers publish study hinting at origins of interplanetary visitor

3 April, 2018
Science by the people, for the people

Citizen science projects bridge the scientific community and the public

30 March, 2018
Farewell, Professor Hawking

U of T remembers the renowned astrophysicist

26 March, 2018
What’s the significance of the equinox?

Exploring the astrophysical and cultural significance of the event

18 March, 2018
TEDxUofT ‘deconstructs’ reality in its seventh instalment

The popular student-organized event demonstrates the breadth and depth of U of T

17 March, 2018
What goes up does not always come down

Decades of launched satellites have created a junkyard over our heads

4 March, 2018
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