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Celebrating Canadian Science Part Two

In this two part feature, writers from The Varsity Science spotlight some of Canada’s coolest inventions

29 June, 2013
Celebrating Canadian science

In this two-part feature, writers from The Varsity’s Science section spotlight some of Canada’s coolest inventions

24 June, 2013
Next-gen circuits able to survive laser attacks

A team of engineers at Caltech has created a self-healing, integrated chip that could one day lead to our beloved […]

31 March, 2013
Surprising method of survival observed in extremophilic algae

An extremophilic type of algae has the ability to survive in extreme environments such as the high temperatures of pristine […]

17 March, 2013
U of T students win science video contest

Scientific American’s “Iron Egghead” contest, a competition that challenges readers to explain a part or process in the human body […]

3 March, 2013
315 million year-old amphibian had really small feet

The world’s smallest footprints have been discovered at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia. The footprints are thought to […]

23 September, 2012
South American glaciers melting fast

A recent study led by researchers at Cornell University reports that the Patagonian Ice Fields are thinning faster than expected.  […]

17 September, 2012

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