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Philosophers of science from around the world come to U of T to puzzle over reality

Victoria College hosts fifth annual Society for the Metaphysics of Science Conference

29 November, 2019
From ‘eh’ to ‘z’: how a U of T professor is getting Canadian words into the Oxford English Dictionary

Sociolinguist Sali Tagliamonte and her team are documenting unique words from rural Ontario

29 September, 2019
Under invasion! Watch out for the Japanese knotweed plant

Aggressive species can penetrate concrete and starve local plant species of resources

11 August, 2019
What’s it like to work for U of T?

Forbes says U of T is Canada’s second-best employer, but how close is that to the truth?

10 March, 2019
Building a better battery

U of T researchers patent battery energy storage system with a view to reducing waste

24 February, 2019
“Think global, act local”

U of T students Kehkashan Basu, Quinn Underwood discuss grassroots activism, launching startups

14 January, 2019
U of T student part of winning Microsoft Imagine Cup team

Samin Khan and Hamayal Choudhry were among 49 teams to advance to the World Finals in Seattle

21 August, 2018
Women in STEM: Katharine Hayhoe

The atmospheric scientist advocates against climate change denial and bridges religion and science

11 February, 2018

Tahmeed Shafiq

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24 March, 2019