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Spit on this

“I wanted my freedom,” states TVO’s Hot Doc subject Eric “Roach” Denis on why he chose to live in the […]

12 March, 2002
The finer moments of Canadian Music Week

People are always bitching that Toronto has no culture and is nothing but a Mecca for corporate claptrap. But what […]

7 March, 2002
Some of you boys will love him

“Are you afraid of daddy’s cock?”Such was the taunt of Robin Black at a jury of his peers and execs […]

4 March, 2002
Get yer ya-yas out

Sometimes talking about a band’s “sound” can become a little tiresome. You want to get behind the typical shit and […]

11 February, 2002
Canadian bonanza!

Just to be nice, The Chung has agreed to personally review these U of T students’ bands. Wow, what a […]

7 February, 2002
Whatever happened to… You Can’t Do That on Television

The only person I remember from my favourite TV show ever was Christine, the curly-haired star of You Can’t Do […]

14 January, 2002
He shoots, he scores

Probably one of the most prolific and interesting writers that Montreal’s Mirror has to offer is Kristian Gravenor. A man […]

31 December, 2001
Sneaking down to Sneaky Dee’s

As throngs of locals know, Sneaky Dee’s is the place to go when you’ve given up on all other places. […]

22 November, 2001