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Comment in Briefs: Month of December

Students react to the final News stories of 2018

8 January, 2019
Comment in Briefs: Week of November 26

Students react to the off-campus Trinity Saints Ball, Ford’s rejection of the controversial gender identity motion, and MPP Oosterhoff at UTSC

1 December, 2018
Is lit culture dead?

Memes killed books and I’m jaded

28 October, 2018
A debate on the Autumn Munk Debate

Two opposing student perspectives on the upcoming Toronto debate about populism, which features the controversial Steve Bannon

17 September, 2018
A summer’s worth of opinions

A compilation of Comment-in-Briefs in reaction to some of the major stories of the summer semester

3 September, 2018

Varsha Pillai

Around The Varsity Network

19 November, 2018