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The F-word

Forging feminism at the university and beyond

31 January, 2016
A path not strewn with roses

Unpacking sexism on campus, from past to present

24 January, 2016
Too much of a good thing

Study out of UTM suggests that couples who have sex more than three times a week may be stunting overall happiness

29 November, 2015
The limits of explanation

Why when science falls short, we should turn to philosophy

22 November, 2015
A wasteful practice

The Gardiner Museum’s latest exhibit examines colonialism in North America

25 October, 2015
Together we bargain, divided we beg

Criticisms levelled at the UTSU for strike solidarity walkout are missing the point

23 March, 2015
Relative progress does not mean absolute progress

Let’s not fall prey to the idea that Canada’s race relations are better than the US

9 March, 2015
Scattered pieces

Survivors and administrators share experiences with sexual assault and address the need for change in the system

2 March, 2015
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Victoria Wicks

Comment Editor 2015–2016
Associate Comment Editor 2014–2015

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“Putting ourselves back into writing”
23 February, 2015