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Bridging the gap with a mobile app

ParticipAid aims to connect researchers with potential volunteers

12 August, 2016
Funding boost for graduate students

The Faculty of Arts & Science introduces three-pronged approach to enrich graduate education

19 June, 2016
To fib or not to fib?

In 2015, multiple Toronto-based researchers retracted studies because of falsified data

10 January, 2016
The irony of blood clot removal

Study shows clinical practice of routine blood clot removal after heart attack is associated with higher stroke rates and negligible benefits

30 March, 2015
Revolutionizing 3D printing for the production of prosthetics

U of T team establishes 3D printing technology for production of affordable, customized prosthetics in Uganda

25 January, 2015
Making room for mental health

CAMH establishes new emergency department to accommodate the rising demand for mental health care

1 December, 2014
Where’s your Thought Spot?

Toronto intiative for students by students creates a live map of mental health and well-being resources

27 October, 2014
Being richer makes us worse people, study says

Scientists discover the relationship between power, motor resonance, and interpersonal sensitivity

7 September, 2014
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